Jen Lin Designs

Happy Monday!  I have to admit, I was a little bummed out that our snow melted so quickly yesterday. I could have used a day off after losing that hour of sleep. Does anyone else feel a little thrown off for a few weeks after the clocks spring forward?

Today, my post spotlights a friend of mine who is making the cutest little flour sack dishtowels, towels, and wine wraps. You can order from her on Etsy and create a custom order. Jenny started Jen Lin Designs last year, and she continues to create gorgeous work!


I always struggle when I have to think of a special little gift for someone, and Jenny's creations are perfect for wrapping up a bottle of wine for the hostess, welcoming a baby into a family, commemorating an event, and I am sure any teacher would love a Jen Lyn Design towel on the last day of school (wink, wink.) 


I can't wait to use these precious towels around the house! Check out her Instagram  page to see more of her work. Keep your eyes and ears open, because we may be doing a giveaway in the near future!