As a young girl, Abigail was constantly re-arranging and trying out new design ideas in her bedroom. A day didn’t go by when she wasn’t moving a piece of furniture to the opposite wall, reorganizing her trinkets on a shelf, and swapping out old posters for new ones to hang on her bedroom walls. Although these spurts of creativity were the work of child, it was clear that aesthetic and atmosphere were important to her at a young age.

During her high school and college years, Abigail’s lifestyle became more focused on the outdoors. She often could be found kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking with friends, and her eye for design was put on the sidelines. After college, Abigail took a teaching job in Asheville, North Carolina and the creative vibe of this mountain town reignited her passion for beauty and design.  She soon realized that she could live in a world that accepted her as a domestic, lady-like woman who also enjoyed a rugged tomboy lifestyle.

Four years ago, Abigail and her husband moved into an old family farmhouse in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  She jumped at the chance to convert this old home into her dream house, and immediately got work designing each room. The land around the house is ripe with exotic plants and flowers planted by her husband’s great grandmother, and she began bringing in clippings from the garden to add to her home design. This quickly became a passion for Abigail and simple arrangements placed around the home turned into more intricate floral design. In 2014 she became a florist and she runs her own company called Forage. Her floral creations are both elegant and rustic, contained and wild, and they mirror her own walk in life.

In Abigail’s free time, she can be found flipping through the latest home design magazines and blogs, going on adventures with her husband, and gathering around a table for a yummy meal with her friends.