Alicia came into this world with a sense of creativity. From an early age, she gravitated towards activities that required the work of her hands. Stringing together beads, molding clay creations, and making tasty treats with the easy bake oven were the youthful projects that carried Alicia through her childhood. After taking an art elective in college, Alicia’s passion and confidence were fueled to pursue it as a major. It was during this time that she discovered her love for photography.

As life and work took over after graduation, Alicia put away the camera and didn’t pick it back up until her daughter was born four years ago. In an effort to preserve every moment and memory, Alicia realized that her creative touch could be used to tell a story.

In 2015, Alicia put her passion to work and became The Preservationist. It is in the everyday and mundane, the things she remembers as a child, and the beauty found in family connections that make Alicia reach for her camera. She wants to leave the legacy of picture stories for the enjoyment of generations to come.

When she is not taking pictures, you can find Alicia at the beach with her family, working on a craft project, pinning on Pinterest, adventuring on a wooded path with her daughter, or sitting around the table with her friends.