Keep it Shiny

As a jeweler, customers are always asking me how best to clean their tiny, shiny treasures.  Sterling silver is of particular concern because it tarnishes.  In caring for your sterling jewelry, prevention is key!  Keeping sterling in a sealed plastic bag will go a long way to prevent oxidation.  However, despite our best efforts, we have all pulled a once bright pair of sterling earrings out of the jewelry box and noticed them looking dark and dull.  

Not to worry! Here is a super easy way to clean your sterling jewelry in 5 minutes:

  • First, line a glass dish with aluminum foil.
  • Next, add a teaspoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of salt.
  • Then bring some water to a boil and poor into the dish (about an inch of water should be fine).
  • Add your jewelry to the mixture and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  

The tarnish will magically disappear from your jewelry, and appear on the aluminum foil.
Take a look at my before and after results:

 Before                                                                                       After 

Before                                                                                       After 

I love this method because it is eco-friendly and does not involve harsh/dangerous chemicals.  It also requires no scrubbing and you can clean multiple silver pieces all at once.  Easy right?!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check back tomorrow to read about how Alicia creates her own detoxifying bath salts!  It's going to be good!