End of the Year Teacher Gifts

As the end of another school year approaches, you may feel compelled to give a small token of appreciation to that special teacher in your child's life that celebrates a whole year together: the good, the challenging and the often silly.


Personalized stationary is relatively inexpensive, and teachers are always taking notes-- even while on break.  I might avoid any teacher-centric themes, though ;) I love Naomi Lynn's Etsy shop by the way.


Coffee is a staple for any teacher, and in my 10 year teaching career, I've managed to amass a formidable collection of mugs, all of which I still use and love.  Most of them find their way to my classroom, but a few extra special pieces from local studios have earned a spot in my collection at home.


Money Tree

This clever idea was given to me from a fellow teacher.  The parents of her classroom arranged a "tree" and donated cash to adorn it.  Your teacher can then purchase anything they want or keep it around another year to "grow" more cash perhaps! 


'Start of Summer' Bag

This is one of my favorite gifts to receive.  It shows off the whole family's personality, and your teacher will find use for everything you choose to include in the bag/bucket. Things you might put in: magazines, a beach towel, margarita mix, fun sipping cup, sunblock, nice chocolates, flip-flops, nail polish, Chapstick, lotion... go crazy.


Gift Cards

Gift cards in any amount always make a teacher feel warm and fuzzy.  From where? -Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Starbucks, a movie theatre, local restaurants, spa, mani/pedi.