Motivated Mindset: You Have What it Takes!

I am an artist and entrepreneur.  I truly love being both, but being an artist definitely comes more naturally to me than entrepreneurship.  Being an entrepreneur takes me out of my comfort zone, and at times it can be scary and intimidating.  Despite that, I still have to put on my big girl pants every day, push through the insecurities I feel about entrepreneurship, and make good things happen in my business.

As much as I like to think that I am naturally motivated and confident every day of the week, that's just not reality.  Some days I need a little help to be brave, and remember that I do have what it takes to run my business.  There are two little tricks I use in my daily life to help me remember that I am fully capable of running a successful business:

1. I weave positive affirmations into the passwords I use on my computer!

Not a day goes by that I don't type in several passwords on my computer for various accounts.  I have a lot of fun creating complex passwords that remind me that I am dominating the business world.  

For example, if I'm feeling insecure about my sales skills, I would use a password that reminds me that I'm great at sales:


Just remember to always keep your passwords secure by using upper/lower case letters, special characters, and numbers.  Never use a real word, common phrase, 1234 or password!  (I used to work for an IT firm, so I feel compelled to remind people that complex passwords are extremely important!)


2. I have a secret Pinterest board where I pin quotes and sayings that help build my confidence!

I love this!  I have a secret board on Pinterest that I call "Read this Every Day".  It is full of positive words that remind me that I have what it takes to do whatever I set out to do.  When I am nervous and need to feel confident, I pull up this board and read through all of the positive thoughts and sayings.

So if you have a big presentation at work, a parenting challenge, or a big decision to make, and need a little help feeling confident, use one of these tricks to remind yourself that you do have what it takes!

Thanks for reading!


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