If you aren't, you should...#2

Extend the life of parsley.  Place the stems in water like you would flowers and place in the refrigerator.  Simple as that!


Save the rinds of your parmesan cheese.  Keep the rinds of your parmesan cheese in a sealed container in the freezer.  Then, use it in soups and stews that you would sprinkle parmesan cheese on.  All you do is simmer your creation with the rind in it and if it doesn't dissolve while cooking, just fish it out before serving.  This trick adds something a little special.  


Bake your bacon:  This time saving, easy to clean method will change your weekend breakfast game.  It creates crispy, flat, perfectly cooked bacon every time!  All you do in line your sheet pan with heavy-duty tinfoil, place the rack on top, and then lay out bacon-I prefer the thick cut.  Place bacon in middle of a cold oven, set oven to 400-degrees.  Thin bacon can cook as quickly as 15 minutes, thicker more like 30-45 minutes.  Place cooked bacon on paper towels to drain.  Enjoy!