The Perfumes We Wear

The AoT gals have a lot in common. One place we show our individuality is with the scents we wear.  I asked the gals to share what they wear and what they like about it.





Beach by Bobbi Brown: I wear this scent all four seasons.  It reminds her of the beach with its faint smell of ocean, sand, and sunblock.  





Tocca Colette:  This was the first perfume my husband ever purchased for me.  He says he like the light floral aroma.  This scent can be purchased at Anthropologie.  






 Juicy Couture: My perfume story is kind of funny, and I still find a little embarrassment about it! You see, Emily and I went through a phase of getting Birchboxes every month (I need to get back on this kick). We ended up getting a lot of the same items in our boxes, and we would compare notes. She told me that she loved the smell of Juicy Couture's signature scent, and I immediately started making fun of this. I always thought Juicy Couture was a little over the top, and I can't get the image of Britney Spears wearing a big "JUICY" across her backside.  When my box finally came, I took one whiff of the perfume and couldn't get enough of it. I am not good at explaining scents, but it is the perfect mixture of flowery, spicy, and sophisticated. I never get sick of it. As you can probably imagine, this is something Emily will never let me live down!







Prada Infusion D'Iris: I love this scent and this is the one I wear out with friends or on a date with Will or church.  I wear it even more in the fall/winter as it is a musky scent.  When I wear it, I feel like I should be walking the streets of Paris.  I love musky and floral scents and this one has hints of both.






Orgins Ginger: This is my go to day perfume during the summer months.  This scent is sweet and gingery and it is perfect for being out side in the summer heat.











Lollia 1000 Flowers: As previously mentioned, I am drawn to musky and floral scents and this one is heavy on the floral.  This modern scent will make you feel like you are in a flower garden with every amazing scented flower all rolled into one.  Far better than your grandma's perfume.






 D & G 1 Le Bateleur: This is actually a unisex scent, and when you smell it, you will know why.  Out of the bottle, it smells more manly (in my opinion), but when I wear it, it softens up and smells sweeter.  It's playful.












Ralph Lauren Romance: Been wearing it since high school.  I just think it smells so good! 





Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb: Probably my favorite scent ever.  My mom also wears it so it always makes me think of her.