App Review: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

You have probably heard of 7 minute workout apps.  These apps give you a series of high-intensity exercises to perform over the course of 7 minutes, with very little rest in between.  

It's no secret that high-intensity circuit workouts are great for you.  They help you build muscle, strengthen your heart, boost your metabolism, and control your weight.  I'm not a gym person so when I'm not going out for a run, I like to strength train at home (while watching Netflix of course).  I thought I would give one of these 7 minute workout apps a try to see what all the fuss was about!

There are a few of these apps available to choose from.  I went with  7 Minute Workout Challenge.

The initial app package comes with the Classic Workout, which is a series of 12 exercises meant to be performed for 30 seconds each, with only 10 seconds of rest between each exercise.  Once you go through all 7 exercises you have completed a Cycle.  You can set the app to go through the number of cycles (from 1-9) you would like to complete.  

I began my first Classic Workout with 3 cycles, and I must say, I was a fan!  

What I Like: 

  • The app gives you great cues to take you smoothly through each exercise.  It counts down for you to begin, let's you know when you are half-way done with each exercise, and let's you know what is up next.
  • I'm really bad about resting too long between exercises, and that diminishes the effectiveness of the workout.  This app keeps me moving promptly from exercise to exercise!
  • The workouts really are high intensity!  Going through circuits that contain pushups, planks, squats, etc. with basically no rest is hard y'all.
  • There are additional workouts that you can purchase in addition to the Classic Workout.  They are all structured the same as the Classic, but with different exercises.  I tend to get bored doing the same thing day after day, so I really like this feature. 
  • Each exercise is explained in detail within the app, so you can ensure you are performing them correctly.  You can either watch a quick video, look at pictures, or read instructions for how to perform each exercise. 
 (screen shot from my phone)

(screen shot from my phone)

  • The app contains features for you to track your progress like an activity calendar and weight tracker.  I fully intend to never use the weight tracker, but by all means, go for it if you want to!
 (screen shot from my phone)

(screen shot from my phone)

  • You do not need fancy equipment in order to do these workouts.  The only thing I have needed so far is a chair for tricep dips and step-ups.  I also recommend either a towel or yoga mat to save your elbows when doing those planks!
  • For people who don't always have a lot of time to workout, this app is a great idea.  Even doing one cycle before you hop in the shower is better than nothing.  It only takes 7 minutes!

What I would like to see more of:

  • I hope they keep adding more bonus workouts to the app.  It is important to keep challenging your body with new exercises!
  • While I know these circuits were designed as full-body workouts, I do wish they focused a little more on the lower body because that's where I need the most work.  In the future I may substitute some squat jumps for a round of pushups here and there.

In conclusion, I liked the app.  For anyone looking to add a bit more structure to their strength training plans, I think it's a good choice.

Thanks for reading!


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