Fashion Talk: The Met Gala

I love a red carpet. There is nothing better than judging celebrities on their gown choices from the comfort of my couch. You ought to see the text messages between Emily and me during the award show red carpet walks. We can be really brutal, but I like to think that we have exquisite taste. My all time favorite red carpet to see is at the famous Met Gala. For those who don't know, it is a fundraising benefit that is run by Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue magazine.) It kicks off the Costume Institute fashion exhibition, and everybody who's anybody in the celeb scene is on the guest list. Each year, there is a theme for the gala, and the gowns should be the artistic interpretation of this theme. This year it was Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology. I decided to share with you my thoughts on this year's gala.

Lets starts with my favorites:

Look at Emma Watson. Stunning. When you know there are going to be steps, a train is always a good idea. She gives hints to the theme with the edges and pleating on the dress. 

Speaking of trains, Claire Danes kills it in this Zac Posen number (it lights up too) and Zoe Saldana's dress is breath taking. I love that they did it up in these ball gowns.

If you know me, you know that I love some Yonce. She knows how to work a red carpet and how cool that she did it in latex? This Givenchy number is something else. 

As much as I love a giant ball gown, I can also get behind someone who really plays up the Met Gala theme. Jourdan Dunn rocks it in this metallic number. I wonder if this dress was ridiculously heavy...

Bella Hadid nailed it in this dress. I love the train and the high heeled boot. Her hair and make-up are stunning.

There there were the avant garde dresses, hair, and make-up that I appreciated. It is a night out for Fashion, so I appreciate the risk takers.

Katy took a big risk, but it is memorable. She rocked the red carpet with her crazy look!

Let's talk about some trends. There were tons of Doc Martens, and while I love the 90's, it is a red carpet gala! Do your throw-back fashion somewhere else.

Cut-out dresses were also a big trend this year. To me, something as fashion forward as the Met Gala calls for non trendy attire, but what do I know. I also think they look really weird, even on the best bodies. They just cut off in an odd place on the torso, and it isn't attractive to me.

Then there were those who completely forgot to dress for the theme at all.

These ladies must have thought the theme was "Spring Fairytale," because I can't figure out how these dresses embody the theme of Manus x Machina. I love you Blake, but I just don't get it.

What is this mess on Nina Dobrev? Ughh...

Lily Collins must have thought she was going to a flapper themed gala. 

And then there's the people who should have never left the house in the monstrosities they chose to wear.

Amy Schumer looks miserable and this dress is terrible. 

What is this on Demi Lovato?

'Merica!  I can't.

I love Taylor Swift like a best friend, but the hair? The dress? The shoes? So trashy and inappropriate for this event.

Emily Blunt and Gigi were just boring to me. What is Zayn doing? Why is she with him still?

Awful, Emma Roberts. Awful.

These two are the worst. Make it stop.

Lorde is already an awkward looking person, don't make it worse by putting her in this hideous dress.

I get it, its Gaga. Was I the only one excited when she started to tone it down this year?  This is just ridiculous. 

SJP usually knows how to rock the avant garde pieces, but what is this? I really don't understand it. The necklace? The weird sleeves? The Manolos that she took from the set of Sex in the City?

Well, there you have it. Who did you thing killed it on the red carpet this year?