Our Addition: The Bathroom

Well, I promised to show pictures of the bathroom this week but of course, I dilly dallied and scrambled to get some good camera shots this evening. With the sun setting, the natural light was not happening. I did my best, but I clearly don't possess Alicia's photography skills!

As my mood board from last week showed, I went WAY out of my comfort zone with a modern look. Our main theme was black and white, but we warmed up the stark contrasting colors with the cherry stained floating vanity. We kept with matte black fixtures, but I cannot stress enough that you DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH. Notice below that we mixed a brushed nickel shower door handle, but it doesn't ruin the scene. You can totally mismatch fixtures and keep a cohesive look.

I am a big believer in trying new things, but I also like to think ahead when I am creating a new space like this. I ask myself, will this be outdated in ten years? This is a good question to think about on big money items like tile. Subway tile is classic, and although a lot of people are using it, I have seen it around for years. I would rather go with something basic like this than spend a small fortune on really trendy tile. Okay, enough talk. Here it is!

Have a fabulous Monday!