Thoughts on the Week...

 Photo by Alicia Gregg

Photo by Alicia Gregg

When a tragedy like the shooting in Orlando happens, I usually see it on social media first.  Friends post words and images sending support and love to the town.  I then feel that familiar sensation of dread, wondering what happened.  My next stop is a news website, and a feel my shoulders slump as I read that there has been another mass shooting.  Another.  And it's the worst one yet.  I feel frustration that it has happened again, disbelief that someone would have the capacity to do such a thing, and confusion about why we can't seem to prevent these type of events.

When I was thinking of what to write about on this Friday, I really felt like I wanted to acknowledge what happened this week.  So Orlando, I know there are probably no words that can bring you comfort at a time like this, but please know our thoughts are with you.  We have also not forgotten all those who have been affected by mass shootings over the years.  Our thoughts are with you too.

To our readers as we head into the weekend, be good to one another.  Make the effort to do something nice for someone else today, and make sure to kiss the one's you love.  Abby, Emily, Alicia, and I are so glad to have you at our table.  Thank you for letting us share our ideas, shenanigans, and most of all, our hearts with you.

Thanks for reading!