Jojoba Oil, My New Favorite Beauty Secret

Ask any of the AOT gals and they will tell you, I have super sensitive skin.  If I'm out in the sun, I have to constantly lather on sunscreen because I burn so easily.  Bug bites leave red spots on my skin that linger for 6 weeks.  It took me about three weeks to get past the breakout that occurred the one time that I tried moisturizing my face with coconut oil.  

I'm particularly sensitive around my eyes.  When I was a senior in high school, I got a mosquito bite just below my eyebrow and I woke up the next morning with my eye swollen to the size of a golf ball.  Think Sloth from Goonies (Hey you guys!).  Luckily some meds from the doctor helped with the swelling and I looked pretty much normal by the time graduation rolled week later!

Anyway, I've never been able to use liquid eye makeup removers because they are not gentle enough for my sensitive mug.  In the past couple of years, I have been using Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion, which I like.  However, I recently heard that Jojoba Oil is a great eye makeup remover.  I gave it a try (I did a couple of small test spots to make sure it wouldn't irritate my skin) and what do you know, I love it!  It easily removes all of my eye makeup, makes my skin feel hydrated, and does not cause any irritation.  

I like Art Naturals Jojoba Oil:

You only need a few (3-4) drops on a cotton ball to gently wipe away your makeup.  I have a feeling that my 4 ounce bottle of Jojoba Oil is going to last a while and will prove to be well worth my $14 investment.

While I have not explored any other uses for Jojoba Oil, it is full of Vitamin E and can also be used as a face, body, or scalp moisturizer.  Let me know if you try!

Thanks for reading!


PS- Did y'all read Abby's post yesterday?  I'm so excited she is running a half marathon with me!!!