Family Game Night

So I have been at the beach on vacation this week with my in-laws.  It's always such a fun time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's usually super chaotic, but loads of fun. My favorite part of the trip is sitting on the back porch, having a cocktail, and playing games with the other adults (after the kids are in bed). I laugh so hard that my abs are usually sore the next day!

The games that we play are so much fun and should be added to your Family Game Night collection. Here they are:

Mexican Train

We play this game with the kids. It is basically fancy dominoes with trains.  I love it because lots of people can play at once and it's age appropriate for everyone! It's perfect for an afternoon thunderstorm or a day when everyone is too sunburned to be on the beach because it does take a while to play.

Catch Phrase

This is hands down our favorite game to play. We have been playing it for years, practically have it memorized, and we still love playing it! I'm pretty sure every household in our family owns this game, but for some reason everyone forgot to bring it. Thank goodness for Amazon and speedy shipping, so we didn't have to go too long without this crowd favorite! In this game there are two teams and you have to guess the word or phrase your teammate is describing before passing it to the other team, all while trying to beat the timer!

Heads Up

This game was new to us this year.  It's great because all you need is an iPhone or electronic device that can run Google Play. It's very similar to catch phrase, but in this game, your teammates give you clues to guess the word or phrase that's on your forehead. Each team gets one minute to see how many words and phrases they can guess. The team with the most...wins!

Now you're ready for an awesome Family Game Night! Have you played these games before? What games do you p,at with your family? I'd love to know.

xoxo, Alicia