Around the house...

Don't you sometimes wish that you had and unlimited budget to redecorate your house?  I do!   Sadly, for most of us, that is not the case.  However, I find that even small changes to my home help make things feel fresh and new.  Here are some of the updates I have made lately...

A Little DIY

I love to display fragrances on an attractive vanity.  For years I had a mirrored tray that I kept all my perfume bottles on, but lately I have been feeling like that looked dated.  I decided that I wanted something different, and a bit more rustic.

So, I ordered an extra large walnut slice off of Amazon.  

I coated the slice completely with 4 layers of matte polyurethane, rubbing with steel wool in between each coat.  (In a well ventilated area of course!)

Once the last coat had dried fully, I had a cool tray on which to display all my perfumes and delicious creams.

A Trip to Target

I really wanted to get some new towels, so I headed to Target to check out my options.  I found a textured white towel that I liked, and also bought white and yellow floral hand towels to add some color.|All|matchallpartial|all%20categories

While I was there, I had my eye out for throw pillows for my living room.  I found a neutral plaid that I liked, and also couldn't resist the splash of color in the red and yellow floral print.

A Little Green

And in this case, some pink and yellow too.  I really love orchids, although I'm not great at keeping them alive.  I found this small orchid for my bathroom and I just love the pop of color.  It came with a black pot that I was not a huge fan of, but I found a white one that I loved.  I purchased all at a local garden shop called Logan's in Raleigh.

A Lovely Gift

I visited my parents over the weekend, and my mom gave me a lovely early birthday present.

This gorgeous wine coaster is by RABLABS, New York.  Their products are so special.  Definitely check out their website!  

Thanks for reading!