Yep, I Bought a Fascia Blaster!

"A What?" you say.

A Fascia Blaster

"What is that strange looking thing?" you ask.

Okay, here is the story.  Like so many, I have cellulite.  I have always had it (I first remember noticing it when I was in 8th grade).  I had it when I was a little more plump, and I had it when I was running 30 miles per week.  And again, like so many, I hate it and am very self conscious about it.  Ask any of the AOT gals, when we go on a beach trip, I will to be complaining about cellulite the second I put on a bathing suit.

When I ran across Ashley Black's Fascia Blaster page on Facebook, I was immediately curious.  

A product that really lessens the look of cellulite?  No such thing!

I started to read about the Fascia Blaster and became intrigued. The first thing I learned about was fascia, because I was really not familiar with the term.  Fascia is connective tissue, mostly collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, and encases muscles and organs.  Its like a giant web that runs throughout our body and holds everything in place.  According to Ashley Black, the appearance of fat on your body is affected by the fascia that surrounds it.  If your fascia becomes tight and bound, fat pushes up through the fascia creating dimples in the skin.  Think marshmallows pushing up against chicken wire.

The Fascia Blaster is a clawed tool that you use to massage your fascia in order to loosen and smooth the tissue.  That in turn, lessons the appearance of cellulite.  In a way it's like foam rolling, but it's designed to specifically target fascia.  You just rub the claws quickly and firmly across your skin to make your fascia healthier.  Interesting right?  But does it really work?

I began searching the internet for product reviews and before/after photos, and all were strikingly positive.  People were loving this device, not just for the sake of physical appearance, but users were saying that it was helping with muscle pain, stiffness, flexibility, and so on.

That was enough for me.  I purchased! (Full disclosure: I am a bit of a sucker for stuff like this!  If it helps cellulite even a little, I'm going to try it!)

It took about three weeks for my Fascia Blaster to arrive.  Once it did, I watched a few videos on Ashley Black's website to see how to "fascia blast" and was off to the races.

I was timid at first, because frankly, it kind of hurts.  However once I got used to the sensation, I got a little more bold.  With the boldness, came the bruising.  Apparently, as you break up and smooth bound fascia, it creates bruises.  As time goes by and your fascia becomes healthier, the bruising should stop.   

At this point, I have been fascia blasting for about 6 weeks, fairly consistently.  What do I think?  

I kind of love it!  

I am still experiencing bruising and I hope that stops soon, but I do think that the skin in my "problem areas" is looking smoother.  Is it a miraculous and instantaneous cure for cellulite?  No.  However, I do think it helps and I plan to continue using it.  

Additionally, what I didn't expect is how good it would make my muscles feel.  After a long day working at my jewelers bench, my shoulders feel tight and exhausted.  I have taken to using the Fascia Blaster on the back of my shoulders and neck, and it's amazing.  I can just feel the tension fade away.  I even use it on the arches of my feet (yes, it tickles) and shins (very lightly) after a run.

All in all, I'm glad I purchased it.   

Thanks for reading!

~Claire and contributors were not compensated for this review.