Starting the Week Off Right With a Makeover

I am writing this post on a Sunday night, and boy am I ready for the next day to come!  This morning, I got some pants out of the laundry basket and put on my outfit for the day. I strolled around downtown, got some coffee, and headed to church. I talked to a few people, found my seat, and decided to go to the bathroom. As I sat down on the toilet, I noticed something sitting inside my pants. A big ball of underwear was balled up inside on of my pant legs! I guess it got stuck in there when I ran the laundry, but I never noticed!  Who knows how many people saw a big bulge on my upper thigh!  Ugghh! Hot mess!

Well, lets go into something a little more put together than myself. My mom has taught me the foundations of home design, and her own ability to create a cozy, functional living space has had a major influence on my own design decisions. However, her downstairs guest bathroom required a major intervention. It was a dark, 90's sage green dungeon with nothing going on except a popcorn ceiling and a hideous light brass light fixture. She knew it was bad, but life got busy and this little room became a major afterthought. 

The thing is, people actually use this room more than any other in the house. And because they are sitting (or standing), guests have time to look around and see what you have done with the space. It is definitely a more important room than we give it credit.

When we decided to tackle this room, we knew that our budget wasn't huge. There wasn't going to be money to buy a new vanity, and we had to get creative.  I didn't get a picture, but you will have to believe me when I say that the walls were a hideous green color. Neutral white walls are the rage right now, but a stark white doesn't work in a room with no windows. It really washes out a dark room, so we went with Silver Drop by Behr. It still gives a light, airy color, but is warm enough to work in a darker room.

We decided to paint the vanity a slate blue color and switched out the old brass knobs with new updated hardware. Because taking that giant mirror off revealed layers of wall paper, we realized that trying to tackle replacing it would be a chore. We decided to frame it with cedar, using silicone calk to glue it right into place. 

The project took us a couple of days, but some paint, a few new fixtures, and some pretty accessories, we really turned this space around.


Have a great week!