My Sketchbook- Documenting a Life

For as long as can remember, I have kept a sketchbook.  I started when I was young.  As a little girl, I remember sitting in front of the TV in my parents bedroom on Friday nights drawing.  By the time I was in high school, I had stacks and stacks of sketchbooks in my closet.  I documented years and years of my life through pages and pages of sketches.

During college, my sketchbook devotion continued.  I made notes about projects, teacher demonstrations, artists to study,  and reactions to peer critiques and faculty reviews.  When I studied abroad, my sketchbooks doubled as my scrapbook as I taped in ticket stubs, postcards, and other paper souvenirs.  

When I started taking jewelry classes, I obsessively wrote down everything I learned in as much detail as possible.  Now, almost ten years later, it continues.  My sketchbook contains the most precious parts of my jewelry business, my designs.  It also serves as a catch-all for any notes about my business and artistic practice.

I draw out any and all design ideas and try to keep my sketches loose and gestural.

When I zero in on an idea or look that I like, I draw more specific pieces that I may want to fabricate.

Then there are some ideas that I though of months before, but still have not made.  Maybe one day...

I consume as much jewelry business related information as I can.  I listen to podcasts and interviews of people who have experience in the industry and take tons of notes.

If I have a new idea about how to apply jewelry fabrication techniques, I write it down.

When a client inquires about a custom piece of jewelry, I always begin drawing in my sketchbook to come up with potential ideas.

I take also notes about what camera settings I use when taking photos of my jewelry.

I even jot down ideas about what to write about on this very blog.  Remember my recent posts of famous artists born in July?  My sketchbook is where that began.

As you can imagine, I tend to keep this little book close to me at all times.  It is like a part of me.  

I have a birthday coming up next week, and that always tends to be a time of reflection for me.  I was thinking that I have never really have kept a diary or a journal, but then again I have.  I have documented most of my life in the pages of my sketchbooks.  They may not be filled with words about my deepest feelings, but they are filled with the best part of me.  My creativity.  


Thanks for reading!