Bath Junkie

I have a confession, I am a bath junkie.  It's so bad it borders on hoarding (although my family thinks it is beyond hoarding).  If you could see the collection of bath goop under my sink, you would probably be embarrassed for me.  That being said, I have a curated collection of bath products that I truly love.   Here are some of my favorites.

Lush Cosmetics

Do you know Lush Cosmetics?  Everything I have ever used from them is amazing, like this Blackberry Bath Bomb pictured above.  Makes you smell and feel amazing! Some of my other favorite products are lotion bars, bath oils, bubble bars, and a product called FUN.  Plus, they are a good company, giving away millions to charities all while making products that are vegan, handmade, ethically sourced, and not tested on animals.

L to R: Lotion Bar, $7.95 / Bath Oil, $3.50 / Bubble Bar, $8.95 / FUN Bath Modeling Soap, $9.95 / Bath Bomb (pictured at the top), $6.40

Face Mask

I love this Charcoal Mask from Origins.  It makes my skin feel so smooth without drying and it shrinks my pores (Bonus!)  If I'm not slapping this on face, I use the Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar, By Fresh, $40.00.  If you have oily skin, the clay bar is amazing.  I only use it in the summer months, when my skin is extra sparkly (makes your pores look nice and small).

Bath Salts

Lollia Bath Salts, $14.00

It's no secret that I love Lollia products.  Bath salts, bubble bath, candles, perfume, I like it all, but the bath salts are at the top of my list!  They are so fragrant, that my whole upstairs smells good, but it's not so overwhelming on your skin.  I also love Happ & Stahns Bath Salts and I found them on clearance at Anthropologie (Sold out online, check your local's worth it).  And when I run out of these, I make my own (see tutorial here). And last, but not least, no bath is complete without a candle!


Aveda, $40.00

I love candles about as much as I love baths (and bath goop), so to me, they go hand in hand.  This Aveda candle is what I burn when I want to feel l'm at the spa and need to relax.  It's their signature scent and one of my favorites. Bonus: when you blow it out, you can use this soy based candle as a moisturizer (I just it on my elbows and feet!).  When I'm not burning this candle, I'm burining one of the ones below (all featuring uplifting floral scents with a blend of musk).

L to R: Henri Bendel, $30.00 / Lollia, $34.00 / Voluspa, $24.00

Now you're ready for a nice, warm, relaxing bath!

xoxo, Alicia