Painting It New

We have lived in our house for a year this week!  It's crazy how fast time goes.  Our previous house was a 100 year old Dutch Colonial that was a complete gut job.  We spent several years making it a beautiful home and when we finished, we left it to a new family.  So when we were looking for a new home, we knew we didn't want to have any major renovations, but something that we could make our own and put some personality into.

It took us a few months, but we found a lovely home in an awful shade of turquoise.  A year later, we have finally picked paint colors and it is being painted as we speak!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be rid of, what my daughter calls, "Elsa Blue".  And we aren't just having the outside painted, they are doing the majority of the interior as well.

As rooms become finished, I will share pictures, but I thought I would share the paint colors we've chosen first.  If I could paint the whole house Bright White I would, but SOMEBODY (whose name I won't use, but you know who it is because it's my husband) won't let me, so I picked colors as close to white as I could get away with.

Dover White (Sherwin Williams SW 6385) is what we have chosen for the exterior.  Quill (Duron color DCR102) is the color of the foundation, front and back porches. Our shutters and exterior doors will be painted a custom color called Sullivan's Island (part of Sherwin Williams's Carolina Lowcountry collection), but Neibla Azul (SW 9137) is pretty close to Sullivan's Island.  I can't wait for you to see it!

These are our Interior Color choices.  They are all similar, light, and neutral.  I love these colors because they go with any style, any type of furniture, and they are easily adaptable.  If I decide I no longer like the pillows on my sofa or the art on the walls, I can transform the room to look different without the hassle of repainting.  Parts of our house don't get a lot of light, so these colors really make it brighter and more inviting.  We did choose a darker color for the powder room because it's small, has a window and can support a darker color.  I think it will make it feel more cozy instead of the soft lime green it is currently.  These are all Benjamin Moore colors.

Next week, I'll be back with some pictures!

xoxo, Alicia