"Butter" safe than sorry!

Have you ever been to someones home and they keep something on the countertop that you ALWAYS store in the fridge?  Okay, I've done the research.  I'm telling you where to store your groceries and how long they will keep if you do it my way.



Apple: 3 weeks
Avocado: when ripe so it won't overripe- 3 days
Berries: 5 days
Lemon: 2+ weeks
Orange: 2+ weeks
Lime: 2+ weeks
Grapes: 1-2 weeks
Peach/Plum: when ripe so it won't overripe- 4 days
Asparagus: stems in water- 5 days
Beet: 2-3 weeks
Bell Pepper: 1 week
Broccoli: 1 week
Cabbage: 2 weeks
Carrots: 2 weeks
Cauliflower: 2 weeks
Celery: 2 weeks
Cucumber: 1 week
Ginger: 1 month!
Mushrooms: in paper bag- 5 days
1/2 Onion: in plastic bag- 3 days
Salad greens: in container- 8 days
All Herbs (except Basil): 1-2 weeks
Bread: sealed in freezer- 3 months


*Butter:  Should be stored in the fridge, but can be kept in a covered dish on the countertop if used within 2 days.


Bread: in sealed bag.  Putting in fridge will dry out bread making it stale faster! 4 days
Avocado: 'til ripe, then put in fridge
Banana: 4 days when ripe
Whole Melon: 5 days when ripe
Peach/Plum: 'til ripe, then put in fridge
Tomatoes: 5-7 days
Pear: 4 days when ripe
Garlic: 2 months
Potatoes: keep in dark place- 1+ months
Onion: keep in dark place- 1+ months
Squash: keep in dark place- 1+ months
Basil: stems in water- 1 week