A Gorgeous DIY Door Wreath

Do you see this beauty? Look below to see what it used to be!

Old Wreath.jpg

Do you see this wreath?  IT IS SO UGLY AND FRUMPY!

Recently, my grandmother was put in assisted living. It was a hard decision for my family, and it isn't easy to see someone you love so dearly have to be placed in a facility. Thankfully, she is making friends and becoming an active member of her new community. 

Last time I visited, I noticed that everyone had wreaths on their doors and it definitely made the place feel more like home. My mom and I decided to make my grandmama her own special door adornment and of course, hers had to be the most beautiful in the whole place! 

My mom had this old wreath that I bought her, and after several years of being hung outside and then put into a bag in the closet, it lost its luster. We decided to bring it back to life with some sprigs from the local craft store. The grape vine form was still in tact but all of the dried up greenery needed to be pruned. I'm usually the last person you will ever find using fake flowers and greenery but for a long lasting wreath, there is just no other option.

Here is what we used:

- Fern for the bottom layer. It provides great coverage.                                                                       - Hops vine for definition on top of the fern                                                                                         - Leafy greens for extra coverage                                                                                                         --Magnolia                                                                                                                                               --Ranunculus

I started by layering the ferns, and then put sprigs of hops vine all around. I used the leafy greens to fill in any holes around the wreath and topped it off with the magnolia and ranunculus.

The final product looked so good, that I was inspired to make a wreath for my own door!

* My opinion is that making or buying a wreath with seasonal flowers and greenery can only be used for a couple of months. A classic wreath with greenery and white or neutral flowers can be put on the door year round!