Documenting the Everyday in a Few Easy Steps

It's no secret that I LOVE to take pictures!  I have tens of thousands of pictures on my hard drive documenting all of our best (and worst) moments.  I have hundreds of prints in frames and in drawers of my daughter's firsts and our most precious moments.  Of all the pictures I have of our lives, my favorites are the candid ones.  The pictures of my daughter putting on her shoes, riding in the car, coloring, eating dinner together, the everyday moments that are fleeting are the ones that I treasure the most.

A few times a year, I grab my camera and set a timer.  I start in the morning and take a few pictures every hour of whatever we're doing and I make sure I note the time.  It's our version of a diary and my daughter loves to go through them.

So, here are some tips for getting the most out of your Everyday Memories:

1. Start Early

I like to start first thing in the morning in order to maximize my moment capturing potential.  You don't have to have a fancy camera.  Most days I use a combination of my camera and my phone.  My first picture is usually a screen shot of my phone showing the time, a picture of the kid waking up, us walking downstairs, etc.

2. Document the Details

Memorable pictures don't always have to have faces or places in them.  A close up of you holding hands with someone you love, the aftermath of a family dinner, the crayons that the kids color with, etc.

3. Set a Timer

I am easily distracted sometimes, so I set a timer for every hour or two to make sure I don't forget to document the days moments.  I also right down times and use time stamps on my photos to help keep track.

4. Have Fun

This one doesn't need an explanation!  Take pictures of what/who you love and be creative. 

5. Print Your Images

When you're done documenting your day, make sure to print them and put them in an album, tape them to the fridge, or hang them on the wall.  I like Parabo Press for square prints and if you use the code SLKHTW, you can get 25 FREE SQUARE PRINTS!  So go out and make your memories!