What Do You Do With All of Those Pictures?

In this day and age, everyone has a camera with them at all times.  We take pictures of everything!  When my daughter was born, I averaged 1000 pictures a month....that I kept (I have since paired down) and at this very moment, I have 3680 images on my iphone (and 3877 unread emails, but that's a story for a different day)!  So. Many. Pictures.  So what do you do with them all?

Pictures, to me, are the most important heirloom.  The one gift that you can give future generations that they might actually enjoy.  I have external hard drives that and internal back up drives that I store mine on.  But I also have them displayed proudly around the house.  Here are some of the ways I display images around my house, and some ideas that inspire me.

Photo Books.  I love photo books!  They are a great way to display a large number of images in a single small space.  I did a picture a day for my daughter's entire second year of life and at the end, had them put into photo books (it took 2!).  They look great on shelves or coffee tables.  My favorite photo books are from Artifact Uprising!


image via Pinterest

Picture Shelves.  I love these over stuffed wall shelves!  They are easy to rearrange and change images, so you can keep things fresh.  I have seen them over sofas, which I really love and I love the mix of pictures and art together.

image via Pinterest

Panoramic.  Do you have a big blank wall that needs something?  I love the look of this large image separated into five images.  It looks nice and clean, but takes up substantial space without being overwhelming.

image via Pinterest

Large Portraits.  Aren't these portraits just the cutest?  Engineer prints are an inexpensive, but impressive way to display your favorite images.  No kids? No problem!  Fur babies and images of your travels would look just as great!  You can have engineer prints done at Staples, Office Max, or my favorite, Parabo Press.

Square Prints.  These square prints are hanging on a stick, that my daughter foraged and HAD to keep, and are displayed in the playroom.  They are cheap and cute and can easily be changed out and updated.  Want to try them out? Get 25 FREE square prints from Parabo Press by using the code THXAOT at checkout!!

Now it's time to free your pictures from your electronic devices and do something with them!

xoxo, Alicia