New Furniture Around My House

First, let me be the first to say that I am not a photographer. I am probably not doing these new pieces any justice by taking lackluster photos for this blog. So there.

Over the course of this summer, I have acquired some pretty special furniture for the house. I love mixing vintage with modern, and the older pieces give so much warmth to our home. Often, homeowners don't want to take the time and energy to go hunting for old special pieces, but I promise you that it is daggum worth it!  

This bookcase also came from my grandmama. It was an old piece from the navy. I love how the glass shelves and the clean, traditional lines of this piece balance out the industrial windows so that they don't feel cold and stark.

We found this dresser on Craigslist and I love the midcentury modern design. The warmth of the wood and unique lines of the furniture definitely make it pop in our all white bedroom.

This piano came from my grandmama, and is probably the most special piece in our home. I have been playing it a lot! I love having such a fun, functional, conversation piece in our living room.

Emily and I popped into an antique store with a bunch of dealer booths earlier this summer. I walked by this painting and thought that the price tag said 500 bucks! I knew that was way too high of an asking price, but I couldn't get the painting out of my head as we walked through the rest of the store. We looped back around and passed the painting again. I mentioned how much I loved it but couldn't afford the high price tag. Emily walked over to it and started chuckling. It wasn't $500 but $5! I snagged my painting before anyone else could get their hands on it! Now it sits in the dining room atop the buffet table.

Have a fabulous week, AOT readers!