Good Books for Strong Little Girls

It's no secret that my now FIVE year old is quiet spirited.  I love her sense of adventure and her curiosity.  One way we help keep her spirit in tact is by reading her books about strong and brave girls.  In her five years, we have accumulated a lot of books, but these standouts are stories about girls being brave and doing things that, some said, weren't possible.

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"Amelia Earhart was a girl who loved adventure, and never let anybody stop her from trying new things. Even things that girls had never done before-like flying all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! She worked harder than anyone else and she never gave up on her dreams. Eventually she broke flying records and proved to the world that women can soar just as high as men."  This is the true story of Amelia Earhart and it is one of my daughter's favorites.  There is a whole series which includes other amazing women like Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, and Helen Keller. 

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This is the story of Goldie and her many dreams and aspirations for her future.  She dreams of being a great artist, archaeologist, and gymnast, among others, but for now she must settle for painting her bike, digging for change in the sofa, and turning cartwheels in the yard.  Goldie reminds me of my daughter with her cute little teeth and wispy hair and the illustrations are adorable.

We love this book! This is the story of Wendy from Boxville.  Everyone in Boxville wears a box with the name of their chosen career on it, except for Wendy, who can't be pinned down by one career because she has multiple interests.  One day, Wendy decides to take off her box and causes chaos in the town.  Her parents support Wendy by removing their boxes, packing them up, and moving the whole family to Freedomland. It's a great story with wonderful illustrations.

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This is currently our favorite book!  Rosie is a shy and quiet girl who dreams of becoming an engineer.  At night she builds her inventions and then hides them so no one can see.  When her Aunt comes for an extended stay, she helps Rosie overcome her fear of failure.  The rhyming text and watercolor illustrations will have your reading this book over and over again.  Also, check out the newest book in this series, Ada Twist, Scientist.

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Author, Caroline Paul, shares her many escapades as well as the adventures of other girls throughout history.  It includes how-to guides and activities for building confidence, positive self-talk, and creating a compass.  It even includes a place to write your own adventures.  Wonderfully written, witty, and perfectly illustrated.  Great for girls of all ages.

I know this list can go on and on, but these are the ones that are in our collection and every one of them are loved and are helping to shape our daughter into the dreamer, adventurer, and gutsy girl she was born to be.  Do you have anymore to add to the list?

xoxo, Alicia