A Winter Gathering

I love the holiday season but the day after we ring in the new year and take down all of the Christmas decorations, I feel the long winter days coming on. January and February feel kind of boring in comparison with the other months of the year. There is a lot of time spent inside as the days get colder and colder. 

I decided that once the Christmas season is finished, there is no reason not to continue entertaining. In fact, gathering together a close group of friends is the perfect way to stay cozy and cheerful during the cold of winter.

A plaid tablecloth, some soft candlelight, and a centerpiece of winter greens kept everything warm and intimate. Most of my foliage came from bushes and trees in my yard. 

A cocktail bar is always a good idea. I like to create one signature cocktail when I'm entertaining. Keeping things simple always avoids messiness and stress that comes with entertaining. 23 Skidoo is a yummy winter drink that is sure to please!

If you have ever entertained, you know that everyone inevitably ends up gathering in kitchen. My favorite thing about my home renovation, was cutting out the wall and allowing the kitchen to be in the center of everything. 

Also, allowing friends to help is the way I host most of my dinner parties. I have learned that trying to do everything is a nightmare. People really don't like coming over empty handed, so giving them a task or dish to bring makes them feel good. Having a friend like Emily, who loves to cook, is helpful. I am in awe of how she can effortlessly do fifty things around the kitchen, while socializing and being cool as a cucumber. 

Alicia loves to bake so of course, I asked her to make one of her beautiful creations. This gingerbread naked cake was delish!

I love having an excuse to dress up. A dress code is a great idea to allow everyone to don their best attire! It is nice too, when your winter uniform has been oversized sweatshirts, leggings, big coats, and snow boots. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a fancy party if Claire was not there to decorate us with her beautiful jewelry pieces. I am not usually a necklace person, but her creation was perfect for my strapless winter dress.

Thank you to our Alicia of The Preservationist for capturing this magical evening!