Big, Big News!

As you've probably noticed, we have been quiet on the blog for the last few months. We've each been up to some pretty cool stuff, and this year has proven to be exciting for each of us in different ways. 

This year has been particularly momentous for me, and I have some really exciting news to share! I'm pregnant! Like really, truly, can't believe it PREGNANT!


For those of you who read my post about infertility, I detailed our struggle to conceive. For years, we straddled the line of getting help from a doctor, and continuing to act as if nothing was wrong. When you aren't getting pregnant, it can become a real fear to find out what is really going on. After deciding to see a reproductive endocrinologist, we learned that our best bet for success would be IVF. 

We started the process in February and I went into the whole thing thinking that we would be all set to do the transfer within the next four weeks. This was not so. If I could give advice to anyone doing IVF for the first time, I would say BE PATIENT. For me, it seemed like every possible road block got in the way of achieving that perfect embryo, and after numerous doctor visits that left me in tears, we finally got the go ahead to move forward. As I look back, I'm thankful that my team of doctors and nurses made sure that everything was perfect for that little embryo to grow inside of me.

It's funny to have gone through all of that and sit here on the other side because at the time, it felt like my life was falling apart. Between the pills, shots, missed work days, huge medical bills, and a host of disappointments, the turmoil seemed to never end. My sweet husband dealt with my ever changing emotions, and held my hand through the whole process. 

I remember that during some of the darkest times, there were those close to me who continued to tell me over and over that I would get pregnant. At the time, I didn't believe them. I felt defeated, but they were right. God's timing was not my timing. He knew exactly when and how it would happen, and had a beautiful plan for our family. 

I am now entering the 20th week of pregnancy, and we are so excited to be having a little boy! Alicia was sweet enough to come up the mountain and take some photos for our gender reveal.