Cold Weather Cozy!

Here's the thing, I really do not like cold weather.  When the mild brisk chill of fall fades into the more frigid temperatures of winter, I have to fight the urge to hibernate!  In the colder months, it is typical for me to take super long, super hot showers to warm up.  I put two blankets and a down comforter on my bed, and a heated throw blanket on my couch.  I spend the winter months longing for the hot temperatures of August.

That said, I absolutely LOVE winter clothes!  Give me boots, leggings, and an oversized cozy sweater any day.  I love a turtle neck paired with a ponytail and fun earrings, or layering up cool t-shirts with a comfortable cardigan.  Here are some of my favorite sweaters for this season, in my signature muted color palate of course.

Bundle up out there!

Thanks for reading!