My Favorite Podcasts

I'm a huge fan of podcasts.  I love to listen while I'm making jewelry in my studio or on a long car trip.  I have sampled quite a few of them, but definitely have some favorites.  Here goes:

The History Chicks podcast is my absolute favorite right now.  In each episode, the two adorable hosts research remarkable women in history and tell their story.  It's super interesting, detailed, and fun to listen to.  

We are still in the history category with Remarkable Lives Tragic Deaths.  Again, the hosts spotlight significant figures throughout history to paint a picture of their lives.  They do have some voice acting in this series, which isn't my favorite, but I overlook that in favor of the interesting subjects they choose.  We are talking Socrates, John Lennon, Blackbeard, Marilyn Monroe, Caligula... and the list goes on and on.

Now on to a different and darker side of history, true crime.  I love true crime stories, although I must warn you that true crime podcasts are not for the faint of heart.  Stranglers is about the Boston strangler murders that were committed in the 1960s.  It's fascinating and unnerving. Don't listen to this one at night!

Hollywood & Crime is a fairly new podcast, and I'm already hooked.  This podcast centers around one of the most infamous cold cases ever, the Black Dahlia murder.  Again, use discretion when listening to this one since there is some seriously disturbing material covered.

If you need a pick-up or possibly bright idea after the heavy true crime podcasts above, try the TED Radio Hour.  This podcast is all about ideas, creativity, and new ways of thinking.  It's hopeful tone is sure to lift you up!

Another idea guru is Tim Ferriss, and I really enjoy his podcast.  The Tim Ferriss Show is all about Tim talking with top performers in their field and figuring out what makes them tick.  I love hearing all about how other people think and new approaches to ideas, so if you share that interest this may be a good podcast for you.  A warning, the shows tend to be long and sometimes the conversation is meandering, but I usually find something insightful to pull from each discussion.

How I Built This is a great podcast about innovative entrepreneurs and how they built to movements they are famous for.  The first episode is an interview with Sarah Blakely, the creator of Spanx, and it will totally get you hooked.  She so inspiring!  You will want to go out and conquer the world!

Thanks for reading!