Get Your S*** Together

Okay...Did I get your attention?  

A few years ago my mother, husband, and I started to have serious conversations about our wills.  The most pressing question was, who would our belongings go to when we were "no longer?"  But there is another type of will, a living will.  If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a statement detailing a person's medical treatment in circumstances where they cannot give consent.  This is not an easy topic to discuss for most, but sometimes we all must "adult."  

When visiting my cousin, Sarah, in California, she told me that she and her husband, Tashi, found a website where they can draw up wills and organize all of their important documents in one place. Behold, a brilliant site helps individuals and families navigate some difficult topics, not just wills but also life and disability insurance, finding estate attorneys, even child guardianship.  It provides checklists and guides for each part of the process, even connecting you to professionals in the field to answer questions. doesn't cost you anything per se, but they do direct you to paid, third-party services that get you closer to being where you need to be-- protected and prepared. Adult-ing can be tough, but rest assured there are resources out there that make it a bit easier to process and digest when all we really want to do is.... (insert ANY other activity here).