A Peek Into My Closet

Ever since I laid eyes Carrie Bradshaw's blue walk-in closet, lined with gorgeous gowns and rows of Manolos, I have dreamt of having an organizational clothing oasis of my own. When James Lynn Builders sat down with me to design the layout of our new addition, I asked them to keep stretching the square footage of what would be the closet area. Sure it made for a smaller bathroom, but it is so nice to have space for all of my shoes, clothes, and accessories. 

After checking out different closet units, we decided to do it ourselves. Nate checked out online plans and Youtube videos and figured out how to build all of the shelves by hand. Handy husband? Check.

We decided to keep the shelving a bright white to let the clothing and accessories stand out. To give the closet some contrast we used Target's Devine Color peel and stick wallpaper on the back wall.

Have a Happy Monday!


Get Your S*** Together

Okay...Did I get your attention?  

A few years ago my mother, husband, and I started to have serious conversations about our wills.  The most pressing question was, who would our belongings go to when we were "no longer?"  But there is another type of will, a living will.  If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a statement detailing a person's medical treatment in circumstances where they cannot give consent.  This is not an easy topic to discuss for most, but sometimes we all must "adult."  

When visiting my cousin, Sarah, in California, she told me that she and her husband, Tashi, found a website where they can draw up wills and organize all of their important documents in one place. Behold gyst.com, a brilliant site helps individuals and families navigate some difficult topics, not just wills but also life and disability insurance, finding estate attorneys, even child guardianship.  It provides checklists and guides for each part of the process, even connecting you to professionals in the field to answer questions.

Gyst.com doesn't cost you anything per se, but they do direct you to paid, third-party services that get you closer to being where you need to be-- protected and prepared. Adult-ing can be tough, but rest assured there are resources out there that make it a bit easier to process and digest when all we really want to do is.... (insert ANY other activity here).


End of the Year Teacher Gifts

As the end of another school year approaches, you may feel compelled to give a small token of appreciation to that special teacher in your child's life that celebrates a whole year together: the good, the challenging and the often silly.


Personalized stationary is relatively inexpensive, and teachers are always taking notes-- even while on break.  I might avoid any teacher-centric themes, though ;) I love Naomi Lynn's Etsy shop by the way.


Coffee is a staple for any teacher, and in my 10 year teaching career, I've managed to amass a formidable collection of mugs, all of which I still use and love.  Most of them find their way to my classroom, but a few extra special pieces from local studios have earned a spot in my collection at home.


Money Tree

This clever idea was given to me from a fellow teacher.  The parents of her classroom arranged a "tree" and donated cash to adorn it.  Your teacher can then purchase anything they want or keep it around another year to "grow" more cash perhaps! 


'Start of Summer' Bag

This is one of my favorite gifts to receive.  It shows off the whole family's personality, and your teacher will find use for everything you choose to include in the bag/bucket. Things you might put in: magazines, a beach towel, margarita mix, fun sipping cup, sunblock, nice chocolates, flip-flops, nail polish, Chapstick, lotion... go crazy.


Gift Cards

Gift cards in any amount always make a teacher feel warm and fuzzy.  From where? -Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Starbucks, a movie theatre, local restaurants, spa, mani/pedi. 




Keep it Shiny

As a jeweler, customers are always asking me how best to clean their tiny, shiny treasures.  Sterling silver is of particular concern because it tarnishes.  In caring for your sterling jewelry, prevention is key!  Keeping sterling in a sealed plastic bag will go a long way to prevent oxidation.  However, despite our best efforts, we have all pulled a once bright pair of sterling earrings out of the jewelry box and noticed them looking dark and dull.  

Not to worry! Here is a super easy way to clean your sterling jewelry in 5 minutes:

  • First, line a glass dish with aluminum foil.
  • Next, add a teaspoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of salt.
  • Then bring some water to a boil and poor into the dish (about an inch of water should be fine).
  • Add your jewelry to the mixture and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  

The tarnish will magically disappear from your jewelry, and appear on the aluminum foil.
Take a look at my before and after results:

Before                                                                                       After 

Before                                                                                       After 

I love this method because it is eco-friendly and does not involve harsh/dangerous chemicals.  It also requires no scrubbing and you can clean multiple silver pieces all at once.  Easy right?!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check back tomorrow to read about how Alicia creates her own detoxifying bath salts!  It's going to be good!