Claire’s quest to pursue creativity began in her youth. She was raised in a traditional southern home in which manners, hospitality, and being a lady were regarded with the upmost importance. Claire spent her summers on the beach with a sketchpad in her hands, and it was during these quiet moments that her eyes were opened to a world in which her artistic pursuits offered freedom and openness. Although she cherished her traditional upbringing, Claire loved being exposed to the non-traditional ways of thinking and the new ideas that would lead her toward questioning the status quo. Claire soon realized that she would walk a somewhat different path as a creative.

In college, she pursued an art degree with an emphasis in printmaking. After obtaining her degree, Claire decided to try her hand at metalsmithing for jewelry at Penland School of Crafts. She instantly fell in love with making jewelry. For years, Claire worked a full-time sales job during the day while honing her skills as a jewelry designer by night. She spent countless hours perfecting her craft with the hope of one day making it on her own.

In 2014, she decided to leave her full-time job and pursue life as a studio jeweler in Raleigh, North Carolina. As she continues to develop her collection of handmade jewelry, one can’t help but notice that her jewelry lives in two worlds, just in the way she always has.  It is elegant and refined, but still retains the mark of her hand as the artist.  It is appealing and wearable for many women, but is made with a creative vision that makes it stand apart from mass-produced jewelry. 

 In Claire’s free time, she enjoys reading books and flipping through her favorite fashion magazines. She finds inspiration in the creative endeavors of those whom surround her, and she always makes time to gather around the table with her friends.