Emily brought a taste of The Cape with her when she moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Growing up in a small town off the coast of Massachusetts, Emily was inspired by the classic recipes that her mother and grandmother cooked. The nostalgia of these age old dishes she ate as a child inspire Emily in her own kitchen. She loves cooking for family and friends and welcomes the challenge of a certain request. One can only hope to be invited to her table to experience sipping one of her famous cocktails or watching her effortlessly whip together a mouthwatering dinner.  

 As much as Emily loves creating her own dishes, she equally enjoys the adventure of finding new restaurants. Whether they be in her own town of Asheville or in a different city, she relishes in visiting places that excite her taste buds. This passion pushes Emily to travel and you can often find her searching for a new city to explore. In the quest to find her next vacation, Emily has a knack for finding the best hotel and flight deals.

Emily always loves a good reality show, and she fancies a glass of wine. Her favorite past-time is brunching with friends, and she believes it is even better when done outside!